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The following Chemical Cleaning projects are examples of all projects that have been carried out and supervised by our staff of today.

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Client Object City Capacity
AGA, Stenungsund Oxygen mill Stenungsund O2 - system
Billerud AB, Gruvöns bruk Kværner Recovery Boiler Gruvön 2500 TDS/24h 
Boliden Mineral Hydraul-oil system Gällivare Aitik 36
Borås Energi Kværner Power, BFB-Boiler Borås 2x7,5kg/s, 405°C, 6.5 MPa
Borealis, Stenungsund BORSIG OSX-owens  Stenungsund 2xUSX "24M"
Gällivare värmeverk MW Power, NFBST Boiler Gällivare 12 kg/s, 480°C, 8.1 MPa
Gruvöns bruk Metso Power, Recovery Boiler Grums 2500 TDS/24h 
Händelöverket Foster Wheeler, CFB-Boiler, Waste Norrköping 31 kg/s, 450°C, 6.6 MPa
Händelöverket Tampella CFB-Boiler Norrköping 42 kg/s, 540°C, 11 MPa
Högdalen Babcock & Wilcox, Vølund Stockholm 115 t/h, 400°C, 3.6 MPa
Husum Mill Gotaverken, Recovery Boiler Husum 1815 TDS/24h 
Igelstaverket Foster Wheeler, CFB-Boiler Södertälje 92 kg/s, 540°C, 9 MPa
Jämtkraft, Östersund Foster Wheeler, CFB-Boiler Östersund 51 kg/s, 545°C, 14,5 MPa
Jordbro kraftvärmeverk MW Power, NFBST Boiler Haninge 25 kg/s, 473°C, 8.2 MPa
Kalmar energi Metso Power, HYBEX BFB-Boiler Kalmar 36 kg/s, 540°C, 14.3 MPa
Kvarnsveden Foster Wheeler, CFB-Boiler Borlänge 160 t/h, 490°C, 4.0 MPa
Linköping Babcock & Wilcox, Vølund, Incinerating Boiler Linköping 90 t/h, 400°C, 5.8 MPa
Mälarenergi, Västerås Foster Wheeler, CFB Boiler Västerås 55 kg/s, 543°C, 17 MPa
Norrköping Bråvallaverket SMV Combustion Engineering, Power Boiler Norrköping 750 t/h, 538°C, 19 MPa
Norrköping Händelöverket Vølund Babcock, Coal-fired Power Boiler Norrköping 2x140 t/h, 540°C, 11 MPa
Örebro Energi AB Gotaverken Circulating Fluidized, Bed-Boiler Örebro 255 t/h, 540°C, 15 MPa
Östrand Massafabrik Timrå Andritz Recovery Boiler Timrå 3300 TDS/24h
Pfizer, Strängnäs  Pharmaceutic Industry Strängnäs WFI-System
Renova, Göteborg Kværner Enviro Power Göteborg 23 kg/s, 400°C, 60 MPa
Ryaverket Göteborg  Alstom Power HRSG Boilers Göteborg 3x159 t/h, 540°C, 10 MPa
Skutskär Kværner Gotaverken, Recovery Boiler Skutskär 1900 TDS/24h
Södra Cell, Mönsterås bruk Kværner Recovery Boiler Mönsterås 3200 TDS/24h
Södra Cell, Mörrum Gotaverken, Recovery Boiler Mörrum 2410 TDS/24h
Södra Cell, Väröbruk Andritz Recovery Boiler Värö 2100 TDS/ 24h
Stockholm Energi VKW once through Power Boiler Stockholm 825 t/h, 540°C, 19 MPa
Strängnäs Energi Babcock & Wilcox, Vølund, Biomass Boiler Strängnäs 13 kg/s, 482°C, 7.2 MPa
Sysav, Malmö SES, Cz, Incineration Boiler Malmö 29 kg/s, 400°C, 4 MPa
Torsviksverket Fisia Babcock, Incinerating Boiler Jönköping 24,1 kg/s, 380°C, 5.9 MPa
Uddevalla Shipyard, Uddevalla SMV/Combustion in a VLLCC tanker, 499.000 T Uddevalla 2x69 t/h
Västerås Electrical Power Plant Sulzer once through Power Boiler Västerås 2x750 t/h, 540°C, 19 MPa
Växjö Electrical Power Plant Skoda Boiler, Coal-fired Power Boiler Växjö 140 t/h, 535°C, 10 MPa